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Advocacy Overview of Service Provision

Donegal Mental Health Advocacy Services provide advocacy to service users in the county of Donegal in Acute unit, Day Centres, staffed residential units and the clients own home.

We provide advocacy to carers to enable them to get the best possible support for their loved ones and also help them to best equip themselves in how to manage their relatives mental health and thereby enabling them to try and get an insight into the illness.


We promote recovery in every aspect of our work in the interim by ensuring clients have:


Suitable accommodation that meets their needs


They are claiming the correct benefit that is appropriate for them


A structure to their day

We feel these three things are the corner stone to promoting wellness and recovery to our clients.

We signpost clients to other support groups which we feel may enhance our client's day to day wellness and enable them to get shared experiences with other service users.

We accompany clients to interviews with the local housing authority when they are being assessed for their housing needs, we also attend social welfare appeal hearings, accompany clients to visits with consultants and occasionally G.P. appointments, we have in a few instances also gone to labour relation meetings when clients have a grievance with the employer.

We would work very closely with all health care professionals i.e. social workers C.P.Ns., consultants, we also have good relationships with the Local Authority, social welfare services and the local hostel.

Donegal Mental Health Advocacy Services actively co-facilitate a WRAP Wellness and Recovery Programme for clients in the Donegal catchment area.

Donegal Mental Health Advocacy Services as far as possible engage with any organization that promotes good mental health and we are committed to keeping the well-being of our clients at the forefront in everything we try to achieve on their behalf.


Providing a safe place for people who have experienced mental health difficulties to express their personal narratives and emotions.

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  • Donegal Mental Heath Advocacy Services

    Court Manor House, Justice Walsh Rd, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal

  • info@donegaladvocacy.ie

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